At EVE, we love to create beautiful things. Not just homes. Not just sensitively conceived, carefully crafted buildings. But even greater things of beauty.

Beautiful moments, we like to think.

And even, dare we say it, beautiful lives.

Established in Melbourne in 2014, we began our journey – as we do every single project – with the simple philosophy that good design should be for everyone.

Since then, we’ve become known for our ethical ways of working as much as our creations.

We believe the more each designer, builder and craftsperson benefits from a project, the more each new owner does too.

Because our goal isn’t merely to create beautiful residences. It’s to ensure these homes remain elegant, functional and valuable – in every sense – through the decades to come.

Our view is a long one.

Every EVE project is different from the last, and to the next. We’ve never believed in 'cutting cookies'.

But our way of working stays the same.

We prioritise design quality. We only build things we’re proud to put our name to; that we’d be proud to recommend to family and friends.

We nurture ingenuity and creativity, even in the smallest details. Because we believe good design belongs everywhere, for everyone.

We always treat our consultants and contractors with respect, as true partners. They are artists and craftsmen. So we honour them as such.

We respect the faith and trust that our purchasers place in us. The 3D renders they see are also shown to our builders, to ensure the reality meets the dream.

We love the work we do here at EVE, and we readily invest in our own creations. In every development, we aim to retain one residence for ourselves, a testament to our commitment in the long-term.

And above all, we keep things simple. Less is more, and it is timeless, too.

Because we’ve always believed that beauty is about more than how things look – it’s about how things are.